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Belle Butterfly

Green tea & bergamot oil handwash and handcream gift set


Enjoy both the handcream and the handwash as gift set, saving £4! 

A rich, luxurious hand cream delicately fragranced with wooded amber and infused with a twist of citrus, perfectly formulated to soften and moisturise your skin all day long.

This hand wash is lightly fragranced with wooded amber and infused with a twist of citrus and is perfectly formulated to cleanse and hydrate hard-working hands whilst reviving and protecting dry, sore skin.

Made without the use of SLS’s, parabens, GMO’s or palm oil and fragranced with the very best natural ingredients, this cruelty free hand lotion is specially formulated to relax and soothe your mind as well as softening skin, leaving it moisturised all day long.

Fikkerts created Fruits of Nature which uses both the wisdom of traditional herbalists and the knowledge of modern aromatherapy to create products which have genuine skin care benefits.

Made in the UK